CCZT – Teacher Training in Lundazi

We invite you to follow our sister Marjanne as she moves around places to impart knowledge on the Christian Education Ministry with the view of serving the little children with the gospel of Christ. Greetings to you all as you follow her trail.

In the second week of September, our sister Marjanne, responded to an invitation to conduct a CEM session in the town of Lundazi. Lundazi is located 200km North-East of Chipata bordering with Malawi. The town is mainly an agricultural district second to the Provincial centre, which is Chipata. She was invited by Peter Nyirenda, a former student from our Bible College. The conference took place right in his home area.

Every morning Marjanne visited a different private pre-school in the area to present a Bible story and give an example lesson of our model ´working in groups´. Marjanne was later to discover shockingly that in those schools visited, there was absolutely no Bible lessons taught to the children! We pray that this will now change after her visit!

The conference was held in the afternoon and was attended by the teachers from the preschools visited, Sunday school teachers and pastors. Every day had its own theme presented. However each session started with a Bible study drawn from the scriptures, a new phenomenon to most of the attendees.

Afterwards, there was a practical presentation of a Bible lesson. There was a lot of teaching on literacy as well. Truly, she had to change the literacy course in Chitumbuka (a local language spoken in Lundazi)! Taught also were topics such as child characteristics, child discipline, the role of the teacher and working in groups etc. We hope the whole program was beneficial for the attendees!

May the Lord Jesus bless all her endeavours!

Pastor Emmanuel Sakala

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