CCZT Newsletter – January 2018

Dear Prayer partners and Supporters,

New Year greetings to you all! We are glad to bring you updates of what has transpired at the College in these past few weeks. This time around we are excited to share with you the farming season events. We planted a large section of maize, soya beans, cowpeas, beans, and sunflower. The maize fields are looking green and promising although we haven’t received good rains for a while now. Please pray with us that our God may bless us with adequate rainfall so that our labours will receive a good harvest.

On a sad note, while expecting the rains, we faced a storm which resulted in a number of trees being uprooted and house roofs blown off. Thankfully, no one was hurt and the roofs were repaired.

2018 01 Storm Damage

The destruction trail of the storm we experienced left our hammer mill shelter roofless.

The chicken project on the other hand is progressing well. We managed to sell all the broiler chickens from the first batch. We thank God that so far we haven’t experienced high mortality as it was with the October/November batches. The second batch of more than 250 chickens is coming up well and now entering its 6th week and we will commence selling next week. The other batch of another 250 chicks just arrived too! Besides the broiler chickens, we also have pullets which are going into their 10th week. This is a matter of thanksgiving!

On the college side, we are excitedly awaiting the arrival of our students, old and new. There are a number of works going on to prepare for their coming such as the rehabilitation of bunk beds. The trees that fell down due to the storm we had are now being turned into planks for use to repair beds and make extra chairs for the students.

Please continue to pray for us as we seek to fulfill our mission in training men for ministry. This year poses a busy calendar and we can only achieve much when you stand with us in prayer.

Pastor Emmanuel Sakala

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