CCZT Newsletter – July 2018

Petauke, 6th July, 2018

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

As you will notice from our update news, our newsletter has covered a period of three months! We were overtaken by events that caused us not to send this letter on time, please bear with us. We realize that news from our end helps you to know how to pray for us and to glorify God for His blessings!

So let us look back and see what happened in the last few months.

The students were on college break from second week of May. This holiday didn’t mean a break for the College management who now tried to cover much ground in planning and teaching other groups. Former Diploma graduates and pastors gathered to register for the Mints program which promises to offer Degree qualifications.

There is always enough work that needs our attention at the college: the Mukhanyo curriculum, the accounts, meetings with our personnel and preparations for next semester. We are thankful for the help in the office from the ladies at CCZ.

Samba, our college Admin, celebrated her birthday in May. The Principal’s wife, Margaret, and Marjanne arranged a surprise afternoon for her. Up to the last moment they kept the secret and Samba was really surprised and full of joy!

Margaret and Marjanne also worked together in conducting a conference for the wives of students and graduates. Every day started with a Bible Study from the life of Hannah, shared by Marjanne. During the second part of the mornings Margaret was sharing on ‘cultural redemption’. Topics included traditions surrounding child birth, puberty, marriage, relatives and funerals. The emphasis was that in all these traditions, the women were to use the Bible as the guiding standard and hence embracing the Christian worldview.

In the afternoons, both ladies kept the women busy with baking vegetable sacks and making handcrafts. We look back with good memories on this week.

On the Farm side, we can gladly share that we are very thankful for the good harvest! Before the students left for their semester break, they helped with harvesting. In between the maize is also shelled and put in bags (See photos below). We stored over 170 bags! This is enough to feed our students until next year.

Our light truck canter was repaired and on the road again. This is very helpful when we want to sell our farm produce at the market. We have slowly been increasing our broiler chicken stocks and this month we are rearing 900 birds. We are also collecting an average of 6 trays of eggs per day. In two months’ time, we hope to be collecting 21 trays of eggs per day! We pray the Lord will continue to bless this project!

We are not only busy at our own premises. During May and June several trips were made. The principal travelled to Lusaka for different meetings concerning College business and for collecting donated books.

Early in May, the Principal and Marjanne were in Lusaka as well to present our projects at the Missions’ Conference for Lusaka Baptist Church. Marjanne also presented CEM at Horizon International. This organisation runs homes that care for orphans and needy children in shanty compounds and rural areas.

Marjanne was afterwards asked to train their care givers and volunteers. This was immediately planned for the second week of June. Horizon has requested for a follow up program for September Lord willing. While in the area around the College, Musonda and his team were training the teachers in all the schools (about 50) that joined the CEM program, Marjanne was conducting several training programs. The focus was on how to share the gospel with children by storytelling, by using memory verses from Scripture as songs etc. Everything we did was guided by what we studied in the Bible itself. It was a blessing to see how people were studying topics and really concentrating on God’s Word!

After this Horizon conference, Marjanne had a day to visit one of our college graduates, pastor German Banda, who has opened a school in his church in John Laing, an area within Lusaka. The teachers were in need for advice to run this school with a Christian curriculum that will make sure the children benefit by hearing the gospel and by good literacy lessons, so the Bible can be read by the children themselves in future. We expect a follow up program here as well.

From Lusaka, Marjanne proceeded to Kitwe, in the Copperbelt located 800+ km away from Petauke. The first two days were for the Sunday School Teachers and parents from Nkana East Baptist Church within Kitwe. A practical training about conducting Bible lessons on child level.

The last program was for Plaep, an organisation in Kitwe that runs different projects. One is Musonda Community School where about 600 vulnerable children have a chance to receive an education. Last year, Marjanne introduced the CEM program concerning Bible lessons and literacy. This year, she visited every teacher in their classes in order to evaluate their performances. She also tested about 200 children to check their reading levels. We are thankful for the steps forward that were made, but we still saw room to grow! An invitation for another follow up, Lord willing, in 2019 is already planned for.

The last program Marjanne did was a team buildings day for all the Plaep staff. A day full of joy and games coupled with lessons is what graced the remaining time at Plaep.

In the same time, June, the principal and his wife were invited to visit our partners in South Africa. It included a visit to Christ Church Somerset West in Cape Town, and Mukhanyo Bible College Consultative meeting. They also visited the homes of the Aucamps and the Van der Walts in Pretoria. These two are Trustees at CCZT.

Coming week we hope to start our second semester with the students.

We value your prayers for us and our projects!

Pastor Emmanuel Sakala

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