CCZT Newsletter – September 2018

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

Again a new month with fresh news! It is time once again to update you on what is going on in our different ministries at Covenant College.

The teaching at the College continued during these past weeks, although we faced quite a challenge. Pastor Johannes Aucamp had to cancel his trip to us. That meant the Principal had to stand in and take over the teaching hours for 3 weeks in a roll. Earlier on Pastor Francis Kaunda had to help out to teach for a week. This helped to relieve the teaching staff.

On the 15th of September, we welcomed Pastor David Galletta from the US, who is teaching the diploma students at the moment. He is with us for two weeks. Thereafter only one teaching week is left before the graduation ceremony which takes place in mid-October, Lord willing.

Again the College received a number of boxes of books for the library. We are very grateful for this enormous gift. We thank the Lord also for providing Bibles for our students, a donation from Christ Church Somerset West in Cape Town.

On Sundays, the newly opened Covenant Chapel has continued to hold worship services together with students. It is a joy to start together every week with worshipping our Lord and listening to His Word.

Another blessing we have to mention is the arrival of the Chipompwe family. Mr John Chipompwe has come to serve our ministries as an accounting officer. A huge step forward in the CCZT history!

On the Farm side, we have noted the increase in the number of piglets, more than 30 born! Another blessing is that of the second batch of pullets, which we have been rearing for the past 4 months that have started to lay eggs. We are expecting a full production of eggs in a month’s time or so. As a result, we hope to be collecting 20 trays of eggs per day.

More progress has been made in fencing a large portion of bush that we want to use to let the cows and goats graze. Drinking basins are made from drums.

When we think about the CEM we can report that after the August holiday the children are back into the schools. Teachers and trainers started their work again for the last semester for this year. We pray for commitment so that a lot of children will be blessed with a daily Christian education program.

In between Marjanne has been travelling again to spread the CEM concept in the country. Firstly she attended with the Principal’s wife and Samba the Zambian Reformed Conference. She gave an example lesson in the children’s program and introduced the CEM program to several pastors. We expect invitations in the future for conducting conferences to at least 4 new areas.

In September, Marjanne did a second training in the school started under the Reformed Baptists in John Laing Area in Lusaka. The teachers started using the CEM literacy course and the first fruits were already noticed when Marjanne tested a number of children on their reading skills. What a blessing!

Look at the picture below: do you see how you can make your own puzzles when you don’t have access to expensive teaching material? This is a nice challenge for many schools and for CEM.

Furthermore, a three days conference was conducted for the Sunday School Teachers from the Free Methodist Churches in Lusaka. Afterwards, an invitation for next year and for other areas in Zambia was received from the overseer of these churches. We are very grateful to see how the Lord is opening doors for this ministry!

This month, we celebrated a birthday party for Marjanne. Together we enjoyed several games and we surprised the birthday girl with a homemade cake, big enough to give everyone a share, and a slaughtered goat! Below we have some photos taken from the birthday celebrations.

Challenges and joys, it is both part of working at CC. You are very welcome to visit us and see it all with your own eyes!

Pastor Emmanuel Sakala


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