CCZT Newsletter – April 2019

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

What has happened in our ministries since our last newsletter? A lot! We are happy to share with you how the Lord is sustaining the work at Covenant College and beyond.


The college officially opened on the 12th of February 2019 with 19 returning Diploma students. Every morning we start the day with sharing God’s Word and prayer before we start our studies and various duties.

We are grateful for lecturers from all over the world who have committed themselves to teaching the students different courses. The first one this year was Dr. David Galletta from the US. He taught a course on the New Testament.

We also had the following: Pastors Francis Kaunda from Lusaka, Johannes Aucamp from South Africa around and also Andrew Alsop from the UK. Johannes and Andrew are also Trustees who came for the AGM from the 4th -6th of April. We thank God for your prayers for this important meeting as it was successful.

In March we had another week for the MINTS Degree class and Dr. Joster Jumbe from Malawi was teaching 22 students, our former graduates. This number was quite an encouragement and we pray for fruit out of these labours.

In this month also we were privileged to receive visitors from America who came to do a documentary which may be used to raise funds for the college in the future.


While the CEM staff and teachers are working in the area around Petauke and Marjanne is still in The Netherlands as an ambassador for us presenting the ministry in churches and schools, we received special news from Lundazi. Last November a group of teachers from different schools in this area close to the Malawian border received their first CEM training
by Marjanne. Please see below what one of these teachers wrote to Marjanne and enjoy the pictures:

Hi Mariana,

This is Martha in Lundazi. I had a meeting with school directors yesterday. We are enjoying one hour learning lessons and Bible stories. Our pupils have benefited a lot. Here is the sample of my lessons.

I also inform you that my bible story lessons have extended to the community. I was given opportunity by Lundazi community radio station (Radio Chikaya) to be presenting bible stories on radio.

My desire is to bring little children to Jesus Christ. Every week I present this
program with different Sunday school children from different churches around Lundazi. Please listen to this audio and help me where I should improve.
YOURS friend in Christ.

You can imagine what such a testimony means to us. God is indeed at work! How many children and parents will be reached with the gospel in this way? Please continue to pray for all involved in our ministries. Let God be glorified!!

Pastor Emmanuel Sakala

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