CCZT Newsletter – May 2019

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

We are happy to share with you some information about the work going on at Covenant College. In the last newsletter we shared a lot about the College and CEM. This time around we want to update you especially on our Farm.

During the rainy season, we saw our fields colouring more and more green, a sign promising a good crop! Once again we planted maize, soya beans and sunflower. We really depend on the Lord for our daily provision! Although the rain stopped early this year, we are thankful for the good harvest we received.

Our farm is able to provide food to cater for our students. For instance, the maize is taken to our own hammer mill to grind into mealie meal which is cooked to produce our staple food called ‘nsima’ (pulp). Vegetables from our gardens, eggs, chicken and meat that also comes from the farm make up for the delicate relish to go with this nsima. This is why the farm is necessary to the college.

In our gardens we grow tomato, cabbage, pepper, Chinese cabbage, spinach, onions, impwa (a type of eggplant), chilli and green beans. In the greenhouses, this time around, we have planted English cucumbers.

We also have a few cows and goats which we intend to multiply when we manage to fence the farm. Below you see our cows and goats.

We feel blessed with the provision the Farm can make to the College and that we can even sell the surplus. But this is just part of the Farm ministry. The Farm does research and teach modern farming methods. It provides a farm training centre facility for the local farming community and reach them with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We practice and teach ‘Farming God’s Way’ (FGW). FGW is a type of conservation farming with a Biblical application. We visit churches, students and graduates alike for training purposes of this program. Also the Farm Open Day is a good opportunity to showcase to the people in our area the results of FGW.

Please continue to pray for the Farm ministry, and the current Farm Ministry Leader, Pastor Charles Mwanza.

Pastor Emmanuel Sakala

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