CCZT Newsletter – March 2022

Dear CCZT Partners,

We are already in the 3rd month of the year 2022 and indeed it is time to update you on what is going on in our ministries.


The College opened for the first semester of 2022 on the 8th of February. We received 16 returning students and the lessons are progressing well so far.

The year started on a very good note, we were blessed with a gift of an interactive 65-inch digital monitor from our supporting partners. This has made teaching easier and will enable online lecturing in the future once our Wi-Fi network is boosted.

Another huge blessing was the completion of the installation of the solar energy plant at the college. This means that since mid-February the main source of our electricity supply is from our solar plant. To have uninterrupted lighting has proved to be such a huge blessing for us. We have said goodbye at last to power outages!

We are glad to share that the two students who resat their exams from our last intake finally completed their diplomas with Mukhanyo. We also have three students in the current semester that have successfully completed their 1st Higher Certificates in Bible Studies (HCBT). These were part of this years’ Mukhanyo graduation ceremony.

We are thankful that Dr David Galletta from USA arrived this week for two weeks lecturing and later we hope to receive Rev. Johannes Aucamp from RSA and subsequently Dr Joster Jumbe from Malawi. Our prayer is that the students will greatly benefit from these men.


The rains started very late this year, around January thus we planted late and prayed much that the rains would last a little longer to enable the plants to mature. We are thankful to God that it is still raining. We shall provide a detailed report later.


We are thankful that Martha and Daisy have continued with their programs regarding Radio broadcast and children’s ministry. Most of their work however involves translating and recording Bible movies in the local language. Both work hand in hand with Marjanne, who is currently in The Netherlands. In the last newsletter, we shared about the Bible movies progressing in other countries that are not conducive to Christianity. The Lord has however opened a door of ministry in yet another unanticipated country. This time around it is Nepal! It means also that we now are reaching out to children and adults in seven different languages. In addition to this, our ministry is growing worldwide; for instance, we are now getting feedback from 45 different countries in all. This is a matter of thanksgiving and praise.

The full CEM program is on standby due to the COVID pandemic still prevailing on the ground and hence hindering the hosting of conferences, seminars, etc. Therefore, our focus is on pursuing virtual and radio networking. Accordingly, we have so far posted almost 200 English movies virtually and are remaining with about 100 more to cover the entire Bible.

The recent opportunity is the Ukraine outreach occasioned by the war in their country. The war, as a result, has forced many mothers with children to flee to other countries in Europe. Providentially some of these children have been hosted as refugees in the village near Marjanne in The Netherlands. This has somehow provided a unique opportunity for her to reach out to them. It all started when in the village some church members and the local government decided together to provide quality education to the refugee children. Our sister Marjanne was asked to be one of the needed teachers. As such, she will be teaching one day in a week, and she intends to use this opportunity to reach out to the children with the true gospel! Please do pray for her and her ministry to be successful.

We hope that you have counted our blessings whilst reading this newsletter and trust that you will also be encouraged to pray for us and our different ministries alike to prosper!

Pastor Emmanuel Sakala

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