CCZT NEWSLETTER – February 2023

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

It has been a while since you received praise and prayer items from us. However, we have been sustained by His grace and provisions. At the start of a new semester at the College this year, we would like to give you some updates.

The College:

  • The college opened this week on the 7th of February for the 1st semester with 10 returning students for the Certificate class and 6 new students for the Diploma. We are expecting a total of 24 students which includes 3 new students from Malawi.
  • We anticipate once gain a mixture of lecturers this year coming from namely our local churches, Malawi, RSA, and USA.
  • Praise Item: We are expecting two new lecturers to join the college this semester, which will bring the total number of lecturers to four (4).
  • We continue praying for the remaining vacancies namely secretary, farm manager, assistant farm manager and librarian that the Lord may answer us positively.

The farm:

  • Seasonal Farming: We planted only two major clops for the current seasonal farming namely Maize (24 Limas) and Sunflower (18 Limas).
  • New Projects: We have initiated three major projects this year supported by our local and foreign partners:
    • Citrus plants: We received a donation of 6000 plants of lemon trees, 3000 guavas and 1000 of pawpaw’s. We intend to utilize more than 4 hectares to create an orchard.
    • Fishpond: We funded an 18000 litres fishpond made of plastic material and introduced about 2200 Tilapia fingerings. These will be ready for sale after six months.
    • Piggery extension: We have rehabilitated and extended our piggery buildings with a design to increase the number of Gilts (adult female pigs that have not yet produced a litter of piglets) and sows (adult female pigs that have farrowed one or more litters) to more than 20 this year and we intend to increase the number further to 40 next year. This will gradually increase our turnover.
  • Partnership: We have partnered with Scope Zambia to raise about 20, 000 fruit and agricultural plants for distribution in our larger community surroundings as part of answering to the World Environmental Project challenge of tree planting.

Christian Education Ministry:

  • The school visitation by our local team is temporary on hold until after this year’s rain season due to the heavy rainfall and flooding we are experiencing making the roads impassable.
  • Continue to pray for the two literacy classes for children held during the week and for the Children’s ministry which takes place every Saturday at the College.
  • Continue to pray for the current team responsible for weekly translation of Bible movies in various countries. Pray especially for finding someone to continue in Arab, since Daniel couldn’t continue.
  • We are very grateful that one of our college graduates has started making videos in the Tumbuka dialect, which is one of the major languages spoken in the Eastern part of our country. This brings the number of languages in which we reach out with the gospel to children to 11.
  • We are thankful for the growing number of online viewers. Thousands of people are being reached with our bible lessons.
  • Pray for Marjanne, who is preparing for her coming back to Zambia, Lord willing 23rd February. Pray for a good flight and a smooth entrance in the country, concerning her visa.
  • Pray also for the upcoming conferences waiting ahead for her. And please pray that her arthritis will not hinder her of travelling and teaching around her schedules.

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