CCZT Newsletter – March 2023

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

We would like to share with you our latest praise and prayer items.

The College:

  • The Classes: The lessons are progressing very well for both our diploma and certificate classes. Unfortunately, two students have been barred from returning to the college for an offense of leaving the college without permission, which is considered as an act of discipline contrary to the student’s code of conduct. This means that the total number of students have now dropped to 22 (the number enrolled was 24). Please pray for the remaining students to exhibit discipline, faithfulness, and diligence going forward.
  • Mukhanyo students: We have submitted 5 eligible students to pursue studies with Mukhanyo College under the Higher Certificate in Bible Teaching diploma program. This is an accredited program and is highly competitive. Under the CCZT Diploma program, we have 5 students as well.
  • The lecturers: The lecturers have been available and supportive, a matter of thanksgiving for us. So far, we have had Rev. Kennedy Gondwe, Wege Sinyangwe, and three local lecturers namely Amos Mwale, Musonda Mwenya and Joseph Phiri. In April, we anticipate having Rev. Albert Ngoma and Dr David Galletta. Please do pray for these men.
  • The Kabwata Baptist Mission Conference: The principal and his wife attended a Mission Conference in Lusaka from the 20th to the 26th of February this year were also a presentation was made on the college by the principal. This conference is an annual event organized by KBC for their missionaries serving within and in foreign countries. It gave impetus to train more men to combat with the raising threat of Islam in our region.
  • Funding: We are thankful to God that our regular funding has continued to come from ZMS UK, TESSA RSA, HeartCry USA and the CGK Netherlands. Also, thankful are the “one-off” donations we continue to receive from various individuals, ministries, and organisations alike within and outside of the country. It is our prayers that God will raise more partners for us this year.
  • Update on Recruitments: Two men were recruited early this year to join the teaching faculty at the college. One of the men Pst. Thole Lichawa has since reported for work this month and we expect the other man, Pst. Germany Banda, to join us in May this year. Please remember to pray for these two men.
  • We continue praying for the remaining vacancies namely for the secretary, farm manager, and assistant farm manager that the Lord may answer us positively.

The Farm:

  • We have experienced heavy rains this month which is unprecedented in our region. As a result of this, our Sunflower fields are affected due to too much outpouring of rains. The road to the college has also become partially impassable.
  • On the other hand, our Maize fields of 6 hectarage are not affected at all. We are still optimistic of a better yield this year, and this is a matter of thanksgiving.
  • The garden has continued to provide green vegetables for our students although the heavy downpour and the flooding experienced has negatively reduced the harvest output.
  • Update on Fruit planting: The planting of lemons, guavas, and pawpaw trees have continued this month with 7000 trees being planted thus far. We are remaining with 3000 more to plant. In the meantime, we have engaged our partner for this project, SCOPE (Z), for possible provision of fencing around the planted fruits to secure them from animals and vandals. A possible drilling of an extra borehole is also under our discussions. Pray for a positive outcome of these discussions.
  • Piggery investments: We have so far refurbished twenty pigsties (pens) with a view of increasing our local productions to more than 200 after six months. To achieve this, we have committed ourselves to increasing the stocks of gilts and sows (female pigs) in the subsequent weeks. Please pray for this project to succeed.
  • Fish project investment: Our latest investments in fish farming is progressing very well with 2200 fingerings of Tilapia. By July this month we should be harvesting for sale.
  • Update on Quadraat Global: This week, we are expecting to receive Leonard Penning, an international business developer, to visit our CCZT farm from The Netherlands. He is expected to produce a business plan for the farm with a view of making it sustainable. Pray for the success of this project.

Christian Education Ministry:

  • School Visits for the Team: Our team have been prevented from visiting schools during this season due to heavy rains and flooding recorded in the region. As such, our roads have become impassable in many places making it difficult to coordinate with the schools. In the meantime, the two women, Martha and Amai Chipanga, are busy undergoing motorbike riding lessons. Hopefully, they will manage to complete by the end of this rainfall season.
  • Continue to pray for the two literacy classes for children held during the week and for the Children’s ministry which takes place every Saturday at the College.
  • We are thankful that Martha could reach out with the gospel during a broadcast day for children at the radio station in Petauke. Pray for a blessing in the lives of the listeners.
  • Continue to pray for the current team responsible for translation of Bible movies in various countries. We are thankful we could start in a local language for Nigeria last month. Please pray for the ones viewing the Bible movies that it changes lives and bring children and adults to Jesus.
  • We are grateful for answered prayers: after a good flight Marjanne received the desired stamp in her passport concerning her extended residential permit. That meant she could start her ministry in the country straight away this year.
  • Consequently, we are grateful that she managed to hold two workshops in Lusaka and Kitwe. Pray for the teachers taught that they would put into practice what they have learnt about daily Bible lessons and literacy.
  • Pray also for the upcoming conferences waiting ahead for the coming month in Chingola (from a private Christian school) and Kitwe again. The Kitwe conference is targeting Sunday school teachers to be drawn from the Christian Brethren Chapel churches.
  • Remember to continue to pray for Marjanne that despite her struggles with arthritis, it may not hinder her zeal and service under CEM. Sometimes she may have to travel many kilometres away to conduct workshops and conferences, which poses a challenge for her health conditions.

Other Matters:

  • Please pray for the AGM scheduled for the 13th to 15th of April 2023 for success.
  • Pray for Lupupa Mwape Sakala, our financial officer, as he plans to wed next week on the 25th of March in the Copperbelt province. Pray for success.

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