CCZT Newsletter – April 2023

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

We would like to share with you our latest praise and prayer items.

The College:

  • The number of students has been reduced to 21 where 11 are in the certificate and 10 in the diploma classes.
  • This year, we have been privileged to enrol two Malawian students although they still need to acquire study permits costing ZMK 11,000 for both ($552, ZAR9,895, GBP 443). Please pray for them.
  • On student upkeep, we have had challenges with financial constraints where we are even failing to meet the basic needs of food and cleaning materials. This has arisen due to reduced funding this year. We would value your prayers in this regard.
  • Please pray for Dr David Galletta and Kennedy Gondwe the two lecturers being awaited this week.
  • We are also expecting to receive two brethren from the Netherlands to visit our college and see how best we can partner in the training of our students. We shall provide updates later.
  • Please pray for funding to be found for the construction of a modern library at our college as the current one is not adequate to accommodate all our books. The estimated cost for this project is ZMK 357, 000 ($18, 000, GBP 14,500, ZAR 330,000).
  • We are grateful to God that one of the two recruited lecturers, Lichawa Thole, started work last month and the other one, German Banda, is joining next month. This is a matter of thanksgiving to God!
  • Please pray too for the provision of a minibus for the college to aid in the student transportation. Currently, we only have the Toyota Hilux which is wearing out and we need to replace it soon.
  • Update on Recruitments: We continue praying for the remaining vacancies namely for the secretary, farm manager, and assistant farm manager that the Lord may answer us positively.

The farm:

  • We will soon be harvesting our maize crop from the 6 hectares we planted. However, our sunflower field does not look promising due to excessive rains.
  • We thank God that we managed to plant all the fruit trees that were donated by Scope Z. Pray that we manage to get the fencing and an extra borehole for irrigation of these trees.
  • For the fish project, we have entered the third month and so far, they are progressing very well. We have 2, 151 from the crop of 2,200 purchased. Please pray for the success of this fundraising project.
  • We had expanded our pig pens (pig sties) and now we are multiplying the number of sows and gilts for high production this year. Pray for the success of this project.
  • Quadraat Global: a representative has already visited our farm and will soon be providing a business plan to us. This will help us map the future of our farm in due course. Please pray for fruition of this project.
  • The other project to pray for is the rabbit keeping venture. So far, we have 96 rabbits in stock. Once we establish a good market, it will be a means of providing extra income for the college.
  • The season for the hammer mill and oil expeller is opening soon, please pray with us that the machines will be in good working condition. Unfortunately, we are not expecting a bumper harvest due to excessive rains experienced in our province. This will be a second year running with failed bumper harvests.

Christian Education Ministry:

  • Update on the reestablishments of preschool: Following the Covid-19 pandemic, which lasted for more than two years, our pre-schools where hit badly with all of them closing completely. This year, the team embarked on reopening some of them and so far, nine (9) of the old schools have been reopened and four (4) new schools opened in newer areas. Pray for the successful implementation of this exercise.
  • Motorbike lessons: thank God that Amai Chipanga is managing very well in riding the motorbike. She recently managed to acquire a provisional licence which is very encouraging. Unfortunately, our sister Martha is behind in learning due to a minor paralysis on her right hand suffered when she was ill. Please pray for her complete recovery.
  • Continue to pray for the two literacy classes for children held during the week and for the Children’s ministry which takes place every Saturday at the College.
  • Continue to pray for the current team responsible for translation of Bible movies in various countries. We are looking for someone who can record the Arab movies. We are thankful that we found extra help for the Bemba (Zambian language) movies. Please pray for the ones viewing the Bible movies that these will bring changes in their lives and bring children and adults to Jesus.
  • We are grateful for the workshops Marjanne was enabled to conduct in Chingola, Kitwe on the Copperbelt and Lusaka Province respectively. Pray for the people taught that they would put into practice what they have learnt about daily Bible lessons and literacy.
  • Pray also for the upcoming teaching programs in Lusaka this month for Marjanne.
  • Continue to uphold our sister Marjanne in your prayers that despite her back problem, she will be able to manage her schedules especially when it involves travelling long distances.

Other Matters:

  • The AGM this year will again be held virtually on the 14th of April 2023. The local Trustees will instead travel to Lusaka for better internet connectivity. Please pray for its success.
  • We are grateful for the success of the wedding of Lupupa Mwape Sakala, our financial officer. Thank you for your prayers.
  • We managed to replace our outdoor antenna for our internet that was struct by lightning last month. Despite this, our internet connectivity is not very reliable in our area. We are still looking for a better solution to this problem.

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