CCZT Newsletter – May 2023

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

We would like to share with you our latest praise and prayer items.

The College:

  • We are thankful for the ministry of Kennedy Gondwe, from CFAR (Centre For Apologetics & Research) and Dr David Galletta, from MTTT (Mobile Theological Training Team), to our diploma students over the past two weeks and the travel mercies granted to them.
  • We are grateful too that the CEM program to our students went well with our sister Marjanne and Martha.
  • This year’s AGM was successfully held virtually on the 14th of April 2023 and several issues were discussed. Please pray for the actualization of their decisions for the betterment of the three ministries under the college.
  • We also received two brethren from the Netherlands who came to visit and see how to partner with the college in the future namely Johan van der Ham (International Executive Director of Stephanos Foundation, Nederland) and Wim de Kloe of the HHK (Manager HHK Mission).
  • We are grateful to God that pastor German Banda and his family have joined us at the College, coming in as a lecturer. This is indeed answered prayers for extra labourers at CCZT.
  • We continue praying that the remaining vacancies namely secretary, farm manager, and assistant farm manager may be filled soon and that the Lord may send us faithful persons.
  • Please continue praying for continued financial stability for the college.
  • Pray for the students who will be closing this semester this week. Pray that as they return to their homes and churches, they may practice what they have learned while here.
  • Pray for Shadreck Mbewe, a certificate student who was taken ill and had to return home to recuperate. Pray for complete healing so that he can return next semester.
  • Next month, we will begin a new diploma block class for a week designed for pastors who cannot be in full time boarding and so far, we have over 25 applicants.

The farm:

  • We are currently harvesting our maize and sunflower crops with the help of our students. We will provide updates later.
  • The season for the hammer mill and oil expeller has now opened, please pray that this time around the business will be lucrative.
  • The fish project is in the 4th month and so far, it is doing well. Pray for its success.
  • The piggery project is steadily growing with 20 sows/gilts pregnant this month. Pray that they will multiply to more than 150 in three months’ time. Our goal is to go over 200 pigs in stock.
  • We have continued selling bottled artemisia, chilli, and moringa powders. This has been supplementing the college’s income. Pray that we increase the production this coming season.

Christian Education Ministry:

  • We are grateful for the CEM conferences conducted by Martha in Kaluba and Nkwebankaba in Petauke district. Teachers from 10 different schools followed the lessons. Please pray they will implement what they have learned.
  • Continue to pray for the two literacy classes for children held during the week and for the Children’s ministry which takes place every Saturday at the College.
  • Continue to pray for the current team responsible for translation of Bible movies in various countries. We are still looking for someone who can record the movies in Arabic.
  • We are grateful for the increase of members in the various WhatsApp groups, receiving the Bible movies. Please pray for the ones viewing the Bible movies that these will bring changes in their lives and bring children and adults to Jesus.
  • We are grateful for the three weeks of workshops Marjanne was enabled to conduct in Lusaka. Pray for the people taught that they would put into practice what they learned about daily Bible lessons and literacy.
  • We are thankful for the safe arrival and the warm welcome Marjanne received when she came home at Covenant College. Grateful that her back pain doesn’t hinder her in teaching.

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