Christian Education Ministry

Try to imagine being unable to read. Think of all the signs around you as you walk down the street that would be meaningless squiggles to you. Think of how few jobs would be available to you. Think of how difficult it would be trying to learn anything new. How would you cope if you were an African with AIDS and cannot read the information on how you may receive help? How would you cope in church if you cannot read the Bible and do not know whether or not you are being taught the truth?

Zambia ’s Eastern Province has the lowest literacy rate in the country. Officially around 50 per cent of the population are literate, but the figure is much lower in the rural areas and among women. Functional literacy rates are far lower still.

It takes little imagination to see how difficult it is for an illiterate population to escape the poverty trap. It also takes little imagination to see something far more important. What would be the effects on the church of a new generation who are well educated? These Zambians would be able to compare what they are taught in church with the Bible, thus acting as a safeguard against false teaching. Positively, they could teach themselves and others from the Bible. They may gain skills to help them spread the gospel and function in their communities in a way that pleases God and is a good witness to others. The possibilities from a truly Christian education, combined with God’s work of saving sinners, are almost limitless.

For these reasons, the Christian Education Ministry supports and promotes Christian education in the Petauke region in Eastern Province, Zambia.