Covenant College Farm

The farm at Covenant College has the primary aim of providing food for the College students. During the rainy season fields of maize are grown to produce mealie meal for the staple diet of nshima and the vegetable gardens, broiler & layer chickens, piggery and goat production supply the relish to go with the nshima.

The secondary aim is to produce a surplus of produce to sell locally – providing income to make the farm self-sufficient and to eventually be able to support the College financially.

The third aim is to help the students in their own farming enterprises by teaching better farm practice. Everyone in the area is involved in farming so the farm also researches more effective farming methods and promotes these among the farmers of Eastern Province. This is done under the auspice of a programme called ‘Farming God’s Way’ (FGW) which is practiced throughout the farm and taught to the College students. This includes biblical stewardship of the land and how the Protestant work-ethic should look like in an African farming context.

A booklet providing further information about the farm ministry (and Farming God’s Way) can be downloaded here.

The farm continues to need funds to develop to the point of being able to achieve it’s secondary purpose and for the on-going teaching costs of FGW and to support a Farm Ministry Leader (position vacant at this time) to run the Farm Ministry and take the Biblical teaching of FGW out into the Eastern Province of Zambia. FGW is not only used as a way of helping rural farmers but also as an evangelism tool to spread the Gospel of our Saviour Jesus Christ