Our History

An Introduction to Zambian Mission Support

‘Zambian Mission Support’ or ZMS was set up in January 2006 as a fund raising charity to support various Christian projects in Zambia. The five Trustees, Geoff Bailey, Phil Bailey, Roger Osborne, Joseph Pettitt and Andrew Alsop have all been involved in voluntary work in Zambia. Phil has lived there since June 2004 and was a volunteer at Covenant College for ten years as Farm Ministry Leader. From 2014 he handed this role over to Jackson Kasolo and now as a Resident Permit Holder of Zambia has set up his own Agricultural Business. Phil still acts as Consultant Adviser to the CC Farm Ministry and visits CCZT occasionally through the year as a way of overseeing the donations given via ZMS.

From 2006 to 2014 ZMS supported various projects and individuals in Zambia but from 2015 we have reverted it back to its original purpose of supporting the three ministries of Covenant College Zambia Trust. We are not involved in the management of CCZT but purely act as a source of funding for the work that CCZT is doing in spreading the Gospel throughout the Eastern Province of Zambia.

As Christians, we believe that an essential part of loving our neighbours is providing for their needs. There are three basic physical needs we should provide for them; and, of course, if we love them we will bring the gospel along with these things.

  • Access to basic health care.
  • Access to basic education.
  • Access to basic nutrition.
  • Access to the Saviour of the World, Jesus Christ.

The Bible clearly tells us that Jesus, when he walked on this earth, went around healing the sick, helping the poor and feeding the hungry and preaching the GOOD NEWS of His GOSPEL. Jesus exhorted us to do the same; Matthew 25 vs. 35-40.

This is the solid foundation upon which we seek to do the will of God in Zambia by continuing to support the work of CCZT and we thank God for our many supporters that have helped us to achieve these aims over the past years and we look forward to your continuing support of the three ministries of CCZT.